vector tracing
vector tracing

Low res to HD high quality raster to vector conversion

In illustrator graphics, a vector tracing service is converting raster photos into vector photos. Low res raster images are represented by a dot matrix and often appear pixelated. Vector photos retain all the colors and contour of shapes and lines and are more desirable for illustrator graphic design.
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What is raster to vector conversion?

Generally, vector is close clipping path, raster images are those that are made of dots, colors or pixels. There is an important factor: raster images need to be covered in vector for make a ready business catalog, work presentation, magazines and so on. The most essential part of a raster image is the resolution or level of the detail. The level of detail of the raster images is measured in dpi or dots per inch. The higher the density of resolution of the images, the greater pixels and you will get the top quality images. Normally, when the image size gets bigger, the quality of the picture gets lower. It happens when you try to enlarge a graphic or logo and results in an unprofessional raster to vector conversion. BG Removing provide professional illustrator services with logos, character design, flat avatar and most of the customers request to process Raster to vector conversion.

What format do you accept for raster to vector conversion & in what format you return the images?

We do accept JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF bitmap images for raster to vector conversion and we use hand drawing technology to create output in VG, EPS, PDF, SVG also all off illustrator CC updated formats.

What Are Vector Images?

Vector images are images described by shapes such as circles and squares, as opposed to bitmap images, which are described by pixels – squares of color arranged in a grid. The shapes are precise mathematical descriptions of the image and can be scaled without becoming blurry or “pixelated” (that blocky look that bitmap/raster images so often get when scaled up).

BG Removing has a highly skilled team of designers, who have many years of experience in illustrators of making raster images for vectors. We are tracing the photos manually, applying the cutting edge technique. We assure our clients that their vectorized photos retain an authenticity and detail level that is the same as a natural one. You can use programs that automatically produce vectorized images, but the quality will not be the same as you want. Select us to get Raster to vector conversion services.

Why Use Vector Images?

Vector images are the most widely used format of graphical design and the preferred format for printing on both paper and cloth. The reason behind this is, while a bitmap image may look great on a screen which has 72 Pixels/dots per inch(DPI), it will normally have to be scaled by a factor of 8 or more when printed, since modern printers routinely produce resolutions of 600 pixels/dots per inch. Vector images can handle this type of scaling without any problems, while bitmap images struggle with it. Many forms of printing require vector input in order to work – flex printing and embroidery, for example. Vector images are also used on the web in, for example, SVG animations. BG Removing is ready to provide the best possible conversion service at an affordable price.

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We vectorize every image by expertly recreating the original image by hand.
We’re not finished until every edge is sharp and smooth, and every little detail captured.

BG Removing clipping path service is absolutely reliable and performs high quality, professional work. Everything was done as we agreed, besides fast and efficient work. I highly recommend her to everyone! Many thanks again for the work.

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Ananta RoseE-commerce product manager

This vendor was very communicative, delivered exceptional service earlier than expected, without compromising quality. I highly recommend and will definitely continue using this image editing vendor service!

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Absolutely good work. Very professional and quick-quality retouch and image correction--background removal - excellent at color correction and detail . It is very easy to work with this image editing post production vendor and clear and kind. I highly recommend this company.

Awesome work! πŸ’ͺ
Dale StackPhotographer

BG Removing an expert team for Perfect cut out from complex objects and new backgrounds. A highly professional and manual work area and a very polite vendor. I have done several hard projects with this clipping service vendor and will come back again.

Awesome company!! 😎
Brooke WhiteStudio Owner

This job went smoother than any I've had. BG Removing communication was very fast and excellent and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of work, higher bg removing in fact than I expected! I would recommend this service to anyone needing the background removed from photos. Thank you.

Excellent team!! πŸ€—
Ernest SmithSenior Analyst

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