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Alpha Channel Multi-Selection

This is different and Unique service you can get in here. It's multi clipping path alternative way, alpha channel mask will be help for color corrections and separated product details also you can transfer the selections in illustrator for vector creating!
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Multi-Clipping Path service for product element

we are offering the best hand We are offering the best hand drawing multi-path service in order to give the ultimate finishing to your e-commerce product photos.
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    Sending test job is the initial to start working with us. This means you send some photos to us to test our capability and our quality of work.

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    After delivering the test job images, we will wait for your approval and feedback on our service. If you like our work, we can start working together for the next step.

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In which business can I use the multi clipping path service?

BG Removing provides the best possible image editing services from clipping path to raster to vector conversion. If you need to deal with visual presentations constantly, there is no way around these features. For example, for product display, photography, website development, graphics design, advertising or in the printing industry, this service is mandatory to use. Most of the time, photographs might have some problems like their inappropriate backgrounds that don’t go with the object in the picture or unwanted lines. If you are in any of these following industries, the Multi Clipping Path service is something you will need all the time:

  • Digital photography
  • Graphic designing
  • Printing house
  • Online Store
  • E-commerce shop
  • Magazine/Newspaper
  • Catalog Company
  • Photo studios
  • Fashion house
  • Web development
  • Advertisement farm

What formats do we support for multi clipping path project?

We support almost all image formats for the multi-clippling path project. We have a lot of people who are ready to make the path process quality and deliver the edited work in your desired format. Here is some format we support given below:

  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • PSD
  • AI
  • PDF

What will be the cost for a multi-clipping path for a single image or a large number of images?

It actually depends on your requirements. Basically, we charge 0.25Β’ for a single image and 0.20Β’ for more than 100 images. Our prices are very reasonable. That’s why it will be easy for anyone to start a project with us.

How can I send/upload large amounts of images for multi clipping path?

We know that image sending for project in large quantity is quite difficult for an ordinary person. So to illuminate this problem and for a better solution we provide FTP facilities for our client. As a result, you will be able to send/upload any quantity of images you want.

Benefits of Multi-clipping path service for e-commerce

Huge amounts of e-commerce photos will be ready within a very short period of time for uploading to e-commerce to change the vibe of the customer who wants to purchase things from your online shop.

Free Trail

The primary step for a clipping path service includes uploading your images for trial.We need your approval with instructions for the work.Our multi-path experts will strongly follow that.We support almost every format.


Quality Delivery

We perform and maintain all editing functions with professional people who have years of experience in this sector.We deliver an on-demand quality product of Multi clipping path, which is the most significant part of our service.


Quick Turnaround

We ensure speedy performance with the multi-clipping path service like other services.Guarantee of turning around in 24 hours on any project or deal.We have a huge amount of qualified manpower for clipping path solutions.


Instant Support

We know that customer support is a very important factor in any business.So support is the main focus in our multi-clipping path and all other services. We provide on project and after-sales support for our honorable customers.


Flexible Payment

Caring about your financial condition, we offer a flexible payment plan that allows you to take a service from us and pay for it over time.You can offer any amount you want to pay. We will accept it.


FTP Facility

Sending large quantities of images is a big challenge for multi-clipping path services. In order to speedup the project process, we provide FTP facilities for our honorable client.They will have a much easier way to send images to us.

We hand-draw every clipping path and photo cut-out

Our Photoshop expert will perform the clipping with the Photoshop Pen Tool to deliver clean and
Finishing the edges on all your images.


You did an incredible job!!! I needed a perfect photoshop job for a wedding that involved adding people from different photos into one together and I would literally never be able to guess that the final images were photoshopped. Thank you bg removing.

Excellent team!!! πŸ†
MichaelDigital Content creator

BG Removing made mind blowing headshot cutouts for me.. What I love is that they not only cut out and do hair masking, but they will add quality hair PS brush-ing when needed for edge refinement. This saves me hours when doing headshots.

I love BG Removing 😍
Vincent RichardFashion Designer

E-commerce product cutouts, I always seem to need work turned over asap and the image editing service provider company, bg removing team always does a great job and turns them in sooner than I request. Very helpful! Very good! Thanks bg removing the team.

Nice work! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
Dennis LinE-commerce owner

The bg removing team was able to understand exactly what i was looking for on my e-commerce website product picture editing for unlimited sales and was very prompt with communication and delivery. Looking forward to working with him again.

Awesome company!! 😎
Lisa annaPhotography Studio Owner

Super good and nice communication, so it was a pleasure to work with bg removing for our nature photoshoot project. The results are great and the delivery time was super fast, thanks bg removing the team who helped us with our big nature picture collection project.

Excellent team!! πŸ€—
Sam waleE-commerce product manager

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