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We perform clipping path and image editing services for product photography. Manually done by human experts with professional output. We maintain the timeline strongly as it is our specialty. Quality path for any kind of image you need in any format. Ready to use in e-commerce and other places. Get your job done by us!
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What is Clipping path for image?

background removalThe definition of clipping path service is very simple. The clipping path is a procedure of cutting  an image from the background by making a subject around the image. The process is just like cutting a photo from a magazine using a scissor. The clipping path is also known as shaping the image or closed vector path. When a clipping path is applied to an image, everything inside the path is included in the final result and the outside of the path is removed. The professional designers of BG Removing shape your image so efficiently that you can not see any kind of unnecessary  things or background elements in the final image result. One can use other techniques to background remove from the image, but the result will not be the same with the service provided by the experienced BG Removing designers. If you are seeking a good clipping path service which gives you quality and a sharp edge image, select a good company like us.


How to start a clipping project for my business?

To start a clipping path project, you have to send us a test job/free trail to test our quality of work. Our expert will clip the provided images and deliver them to you. Once you are satisfied with our work, then you can start a project with us. We are ready to start a project 24/7.

How much will it cost for single image?

Our minimum rate for background removal is 0.25¢ for a single image. If you place an order of more than 100 images, then it will cost 0.20¢ per image. You can justify the market. We provide the service customer’s comfortable price. See our pricing page for more details.

Will I get post production support after the project is done?

We are always ready to provide all kinds of support after production is done. Any kind of support is available anytime for our client. We believe in a long-term relationship with the customer. Our company want them to get back to us for the same or other service.

Solutions for clipping path service with maximum benefits

Human hand drawing clipping path service with cutting-edged technology to produce images of e-commerce and other sectors.

Free Trail

The initial step for a clipping path service includes uploading your images for trial. We need your approval with instructions for the work. Our experts will strongly follow that. We support almost all formats.


Quality Delivery

On-demand quality product of clipping path is the most significant part of our service. We perform and maintain all editing function by professional people who have years of experience in this sector.


Quick Turnaround

Surety of turning around in 24 hours on any project or deal. We have a huge amount of qualified manpower for clipping path solutions. We ensure speedy performance.


Instant Support

Support is the main focus in our clipping path and all other services. We provide on project and after-sales support for our honorable customers.


Flexible Payment

We believe in long-term relationships, so we care about the financial situations of our clients. We allow flexible payment from them.


FTP Facility

In order to speedup the project process, we provide FTP facilities for our honorable client. They will have a much easier way to send images to us for clipping path.

We provide professional hand made clipping path

Deliver neat and clean images so that there are no awkward Photoshop faults,
especially if subjects have tricky hair or fur. We will not finish until every edge is sharp enough
and every minor detail captured. Your creativity, talent and energy are best spent doing what you love.
But not fiddling in Photoshop for hours figuring out tedious edits.


BG removing the image editing service provider very quickly to respond to my initial message. Once I took a family photo and I needed to do some editing on it. There was no hope due to a computer malfunction. They did some complex editing for me. And did so quickly and for such a reasonable price. I'm so grateful I found them and this provider was able to fix my images so I can keep that Christmas memory. I highly recommend the company.

Excellent team!!! 🏆
Monica HueE-commerce owner

This vendor was great to work with our online jewelry shop. Defiantly we will working again with the provider. They have great communication skills and work was both fantastic! I was really amazed how they do the editing job so perfectly. It worked like magic and you'd never be bored working with those expert people. Just love it!!!

I love BG Removing 😍
Mac SmithStudio Manager

BG Removing’s service is fantastic! Please use this post production clipping service. This company is clearly a professional in the editing world. We have get back our business photos exactly our require. I will be using them again for any other editing. BG Removing was awesome! I would like to thank them for their quality work

Awesome work! 💪
John McGillOnline Store Manager

I loved every minute of working with bg removing all my business images for editing because I need a 100% good quality editing service such as background removal, shadow creating,image retouch,color correction, masking, BG Removing gives all image editing services of high quality. That's why I chose this company and strongly recommend every professional image editing job.

Awesome company!! 😎
Eloise DomelProduct Photographer

I gave bg removing the clipping path vendor an impossible task to get done. They completed within the time period I needed. They delivered with flying colors. The attention to detail they put into editing my photos is beyond incredible. I have worked with many pro sellers in the past but the professionality of bg removing clipping paths over them ten fold. It was a great experience when working with bg removing. I will definitely hire this vendor again for all my editing needs. Thank you!

Excellent team!! 🤗
Patrick EgbayPhotographer

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