neck joint

Joint the neck in dummy invisible part

We are to make your product image ready for your e-commerce store by removing extra objects and parts. You will get a different look after we work on it.
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Ghost Mannequin for e-commerce store product images

Quality product image editing services like ghost mannequin are the most important service
that an e-commerce store needs nowadays.
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What is Ghost Mannequin Service?

The neck joint is also referred to as the ghost mannequin effect or ghost effect. This is one of the widely used image editing features of Photoshop. In the Ghost Mannequin technique, images are shot on mannequins and later, with Photoshop, the mannequins are removed with the utmost delicacy. We are experts at using liquefy tools. We can make both sides symmetrical, remove the creases, tags or labels according to all the requirements and make the image web-ready or print-ready for your website, e-commerce site, books, magazines, newspaper or catalog. This feature is mainly useful for the garment industry, where they can display their dresses on mannequins to show the products to the buyers and create their catalogs, and if you are an e-commerce website owner, it is very important that the products are displayed both attractively and properly. By properly it is meant that displaying a large number of items on a website could be tricky as it needs to follow a certain margin and color combination that goes with the site itself. BG Removing is extremely careful about these particulars, which can compromise the beauty of the images or make the website look boring or unprofessional.

What does ghost mannequin service include?

Ghost mannequin service is also defined as an invisible mannequin that refers to the task where designers remove the mannequin from a particular garment product like shirts, jeans, jackets, tops, etc.

How to use a ghost mannequin for an eCommerce product image?

Ghost mannequin is particularly useful for things like blazers, jeans, jackets and shirts to help customers more easily imagine themselves wearing the garments. A lot of brands and retailers across the globe prefer to shoot all of their clothes using this style to maintain consistency. You can read more on our how it work page.

What is the price for a ghost mannequin per image?

It depends on your requirement and instruction for the mannequin task. Also if you have more than 100 images for the mannequin then you will get a good discount.

Ghost Mannequin at an affordable price for your e-commerce product photos

While you are thinking about the ghost mannequin service for your images, we are ready with human photo mannequin experts bow or tissue.

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The most significant part of our service is that we perform and maintain ghost mannequin functions with professional people who have years of experience in this area. We deliver an on-demand quality of ghost mannequins.


Quick Turnaround

We take a maximum of 24 hours on any project or deal. We have a huge amount of qualified manpower for mannequin solutions. We ensure speedy performance with the photo mannequin service like other services.


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We provide on project and after-sales support for our honorable customers. We know that customer support is a very important factor in any business. So support is the main focus in our photo mannequin and all other services.


Flexible Payment

You can offer any amount you want to pay. Caring about your financial condition, we offer a flexible payment plan that allows you to take a service from us and pay for it over time.


FTP Facility

FTP facilities for our honorable clients to ensure a fast image sharing process. They will have a much easier way to send images to us for a photo mannequin service.

We edit every ghost mannequin project by hand.

Our process will go on until every clothing and accessory looks natural,
and the colors and textures look just right and visible.


I had a group of images that were hard to edit the background off, because of their intricacy. removing was able to do it swiftly and with perfection! I highly recommend and will be coming back again to do a huge project with them.

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Amelia AveryStudio Manager

It is so rewarding to come across anybody like bg removing, who obviously takes pride in their work. They are very committed to work and they have a lot of image editing experts in their team. It's no wonder this company has five stars and comes. Highly recommended!

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Bryan AdamsE-commerce product manager

It has been a pleasure working with an image editing vendor bg removing again. I definitely recommend his services. BG Removing an excellent job and offering fast delivery. Finally, check the quality of editing.

Awesome work! 💪
Marc AngeloE-commerce owner

Fantastic Experience. Extremely talented. Very interested in helping and making sure you are happy with the final work. I will choose BG Removing for my other and future projects for sure.

Awesome company!! 😎
Bentley BladeStudio Owner

The photo editing service provider bg removing is very skillful and expert in any kind of editing work. They really did a fantastic job. Which exceeds my expectations. Excellent 100% work. I shall highly recommend it.

Excellent team!! 🤗
Steven MiltonProduct Photographer

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